This site is directed mainly to the  medical audience and neurosurgeons, partially aimed to present the operative and academic activities of Prof. Munir A. Elias Shawash over 27 years period. Here the neurosurgeon can find the standards and new modifications  in the treatment strategies in paraplegia, brain tumor, spinal cord injuries, head injury, pain management strategies, including neuralgia of different etiologies, movement disorders. Neurosurgeon needs a very long way to understand that, experience is important in this field of medicine – neurosurgery. We will cover the importance of a sterile environment during surgery which can be achieved through devices such as customised ozone generators in conjunction with alcohol gels.

Stroke and ruptured arterial aneurysms remain in the upper list of difficult problems, which are far from perfection and the mortality rate remains high. Spinal surgery is extensive and take 80% of the neurosurgical activities: prolapsed disc , lumbar, cervical and dorsal are the top ranking in practice followed by other degenerative spine problems, such as spondylolisthesis, OPLL with cervical and lumbar canal stenosis.

Neurosurgery has time-sensitive decision-making strategies. This is governed by the rapidly changing status of the patient. Neurosurgeon must react accordingly to the recent moment. He must be able to predict, or at least to keep in mind the possible complications, and react with caution to prevent them, before they escalate. Intraoperative video documentation made it possible to analyze and retrospectively discover some causes of complications, which the neurosurgeon previously blamed himself for that. It became clear, that some triggering factors for complications are presenting before their eminence.

Not all new standards in neurosurgery can stand time. Only the good for the patient’s outcome will stand and remain even, if they are too old.

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