Our Practice

The practice in Offenbach’s doctor’s office and “control center” in one. In everyday driving up to five specialists take care of Neurosurgery of the needs of the patient. In addition to the collection of the history of complaints (medical history) and physical examination intensive interviews are conducted. If necessary, radilogische images of the spine (MRI / CT) be made or brought along pictures are supplemented and explained in detail in a joint interview. In this conversation the other strategy is determined, namely, whether conservative therapy (medication and possibly physiotherapy), an interventional therapy ( CT-therapy ) or surgical procedure is useful.

Particularly in patients with peripheral nerve compression syndromes ( carpal tunnel / sulcus ulnaris syndrome ) is also the possibility of a nerve measurement (measurement of the nerve conduction velocity with electrophysiology and the distal motor latency (DML)) within the practice.

For strongly anguished patients or those with fresh deficits (paralysis / deafness) is started immediately with a targeted infusion therapy if necessary can even be days equal performed a CT-guided infiltration associated clinic at Büsingpark.

Both the preparation for computed tomography assisted spraying as well as the planning and execution of operations is in Offenbach’s practice by our team of OPM (Operations Management) and the IHR ( integrated care organization). Run all operations from standardized by strict certification guidelines and therefore are subject to regular quality assurance.