Spinal disorders can, as well as complaints of peripheral nerves by acute or chronic pain, paralysis or numbness human plague. With a specialization in the field of neurosurgery has made it our mission group practice, if possible, to resolve such complaints or, if this is not possible, but at least mitigate significantly and to make long-term tolerable.

In the era of progressive high technology, people feel is often overlooked as a person. So the sight of the whole is usually lost and is limited to only the symptom. That is why it is our goal to treat at rest, ie, with time and with the patient’s complaints. So we make a point, detail to bring in any patient who presents himself in our practice for the first time the so-called “history” (complaint course) and to examine it in detail. Subsequently, caused when needed or does not exist, corresponding X-ray examinations (MRI, CT or conventional radiograph). It then takes the joint meeting of the images in conjunction with the collected findings.

Our goal is to treat you the way we want to be treated yourself.

Of course, if possible, always initially until all conservative treatment options are exhausted.Therefore, we try especially acute pain through specific phases CT-guided infiltration or infusions to alleviate together with intensive physiotherapy treatment. To carry this out perfectly for the patient, have been developed over the past 10 years, along with several health insurance integration agreements. This is a close collaboration between the neurosurgeons, radiologists andphysiotherapists (physiotherapist) . Terms of the agreements, all three disciplines have committed to carrying out the necessary investigations within a few days and begin the subsequent treatment quickly. Thus, a nagging spread of pain in many cases be avoided.

If the conservative treatment options completely exhausted, do not lead to success or paralysis occur on new, is an operation usually unavoidable. In order to also be able to offer an optimized treatment for the patient, there is the possibility of outpatient, inpatient short (also clinical practice) as well as inpatient operations.

Our vision for the
Structural and process quality in surgical treatments:

In order to achieve optimal treatment for a total success and to ensure maximum safety, we adopt the goal of high quality and at the same time conserving implementation of our services:

  • Diagnosis and performing necessary operations always in accordance with the applicable guidelines of the Neurosurgical Societies – ie according to the current “scientific opinion”.
  • Detailed preliminary discussions with the surgeon and anesthetist – if necessary preparatory investigations by your own physician or internist
  • Computed tomography-assisted surgical planning
  • Use of surgical microscopes, digital imaging devices and modern neurosurgical micro-instruments
  • Implementation of all interventions equipped with laminar air flow operating room – for maximum asepsis in implantology
  • Possibility of immediate Notintervention in case of unforeseen complications – including nights and weekends
  • 24-hour on-call from the surgeon and anesthetist
  • After the operation, continuous support and quality assurance by the operator

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